Bad Example – Part Two

Hopefully we will progress beyond this trope before long, but today has furnished a fairly glaring example: namely my first shipment of herbal “phytoestrogenic” supplements…

For anyone who has yet to hear of these, they are over-the-counter alternatives to traditional hormone therapy, based on various plants that contain chemicals analogous to estrogen, only weaker. Their actual usefulness in cases of gender dysphoria is highly debatable, ranging from the possibility of very subtle effects to absolutely bugger all (this being the likeliest, if I am brutally honest with myself). The exception to this would be if one takes the advice on certain pages and forums to overdose on the recommended amounts, and achieve a greater or faster effect. PLEASE DON’T. Though I can no longer source the relevant story, I recall one person who attempted that with a supplement called black cohosh, and only succeeded in seriously damaging her liver. If you are so desperate to change your body that you over-indulge on oriental alchemy, it is probably a safe bet that a doctor would at least have to give serious consideration to prescribing you real hormones (and if you are lucky enough to live under a government paid health system, that would probably work out cheaper than however many hundreds of herbal pills you would need to attain a fraction of the effect).

So why am I taking them when every scientific and sensible fibre of my being argues against it? Impatience, alas. The days when I make no forward progress, even of the illusory kind, are the worst, but as soon as possible we shall be contacting the NHS to see if we can find a local GP who is understanding enough of these issues to give responsible advice. My fear is of finding some jobsworth who just tries to palm me off with anti-depressants, or even worse one who just dismisses the whole thing and tells me to stop wasting their time (which happened to a friend of mine). In the meantime, I shall be playing with my funny herbs, confident that at least with my depth of scepticism there is no chance of the placebo effect contaminating the results… and I will definitely be sticking to the recommended dosages, and warmly recommend everyone else tempted to take this route to to do the same.


2 thoughts on “Bad Example – Part Two

    • Will do, and thanks for the support. 🙂 Hopefully I’ll at least have registered with a proper practicioner by next week. Never got round to it after we moved house, but might be just as well (as we can specifically look for one who will at least show some empathy, with luck).

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