Uncertain Entity

Today I finally contacted the local NHS branch to ask if they could put me in touch with any transgender-friendly GPs, or preferably one who had some experience in the field. The bad news is that they were unable to find any (at least with experience), but I was very impressed how quickly they responded to my email and how helpful they were otherwise. My correspondent found me a local group to contact and passed the details onto a colleague closely involved with LGBT issues, who will hopefully be able to supply more detailed information. They were very respectful and sympathetic throughout, and have made me feel very positive about this whole thing for the first time in ages.

So in case anyone reading this is still holding back on that element of coming out, I would encourage you to proceed, though perhaps contact the local NHS authority rather than simply take the matter to any GP, who may or may not be understanding. One would hate to have to re-register with another GP in the event that they proved anything but…

As far as consequences go, all I am currently attached to is the hope of meeting people who can help me find the right advice I need, leaving the matter of treatment aside for now. Whilst I certainly believe myself to be a female operating system installed upon a male platform, to put it elegantly, for all I know about medicine and psychology I may just be a corrupted male operating system with peculiar ideas about itself… but I have a feeling that finally knowing for certain, however long that takes, will be a liberating step in and of itself, whatever treatments (or none) may follow. Being an uncertain entity is a bewildering sort of life…


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