First LGBT Social: A Liberating Feeling

Today, after several recommendations and much screwing my courage to the sticking-post, I finally attended my first ever LGBT social event: a coffee morning in Barry (of “Gavin and Stacey” fame), organised by Race Equality First. Evidently, they deal with all manner of hate crimes, not just race-related. Not knowing the lay of the land, I came very discreetly dressed, with just a long top in lieu of a dress, slightly see-through so layered over a short-sleeved bodysuit that would have just looked like a tight t-shirt to a layman’s eye. My only obviously feminine concessions were a black chiffon scarf and a woman’s leather coat. Most other attendees, in fact, came in full feminine attire, but I am in early stages still and would struggle to “pass” (i.e. To look convincingly feminine whatever I was wearing, save for full orthodox Islamic garb, or possibly Samus Aran’s power suit…).

Still, a very encouraging and productive meeting, where I got a lot of very helpful information, a lot of support, and a couple of free cups of tea (The event is publicly funded, it seems. Nice to know several years of Tory rule have not completely decimated charitable and diversity activities in South Wales). I also got advised to pluck rather than shave my beard, and by hell does it hurt and bleed at first… Still, I can see the distinct advantage in it. Not having to layer on concealer as if I was plastering a wall would be a handy thing.

For anyone in the South Wales area who thinks this would be helpful for them, the group is…

They meet alternately in Barry and Cardiff, and seem to be very keen to help and advise.

Next stop: registering with a new GP tomorrow morning. The steps I need to take from thereon are, as far as I understand, to book an appointment and request a psychiatric referral. Though I have been advised to be very adamant in telling them what I need, my initial approach will be rather more nuanced. Since full transititoning is one heck of a drastic step to take, especially when I am only really coming out for the first time, I am hoping to work with the psychiatrist to carefully determine what will truly be best for me. I have a friend who believed and was even advised that a body modification surgery would greatly enhance their life, only for it to have exactly the opposite effect…

Having said that, given the current depth of my obsession, I am likely to keep on self-medicating with the herbal “phytoestrogens” until some kind soul either shoves me in a strait-jacket or puts me on a safer and guided alternative… I’ll keen an open mind (though on the whole, I’d rather avoid the strait-jacket). Wish me luck… x


3 thoughts on “First LGBT Social: A Liberating Feeling

  1. Thank you. 🙂 I was amazed to discover how much related activity was going on in my area, though I do have the luck to live in a fairly large city. I did hear today that trans / non-binary folks living in the South Wales valley communities (only a short train ride away, but often very deprived) are a lot less fortunate in available social opportunities, so I am definitely learning to count my blessings…


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