Silver Cloud

Having neglected to post anything yesterday owing to the lack of any newsworthy developments, suddenly it all hits in in one fell swoop…

First of all, I log on to Facebook today and receive a message from my sister in India: a message in which I am pointedly addressed as “sis”. This leads to a conversation, and I discover – to my elation – that she fully accepts and supports my coming out. If this isn’t a good omen to kick the day off with, I don’t know what is.

In other news, I have to report – to my amazement – that the herbal hormone analogues are possibly having some effect, insofar as my nipples, beg pardon, are now quite sore and tender under any pressure (which, or so I gather from my sources, could indicate that my estrogen receptors have been successfully tricked into action). Since this information is pasted all over the web, I will now state what I am taking, but I cannot over-emphasise this: DO NOT EXCEED THE STATED DOSAGE!!! Sorry for the shout, but there are sites out there actually recommending people to take up to twice of what the bottles recommend, and that way leads to grief. Never mind those who claim these substances are non-toxic. Any chemical including water is toxic if taken to excess, and your liver is one of the best friends you will ever have. Be kind to it… Anyhow, for information’s sake:

FENUGREEK (500mg): Obtained from Beanfreaks. A common phytoestrogen supplement. Makes your breath taste like vindaloo, though. No more than three a day, tops.

SAW PALMETTO BERRY EXTRACT (500mg): Beanfreaks again. Reputedly works as an androgen blocker, to inhibit the production of more potent forms of testosterone in the body. We shall see… Again, no more than three a day.

PUERARIA MIRIFICA (500mg): Thai root extract, meant to be a very close match to estriol. I obtained this from a company called Pueraria-UK, since they are on Ebay, fairly cheap, and deliver quickly via Royal Mail. They are not necessarily the best source, though, as no-one seems to know who their suppliers are, and only certain cultivars of the root are purported to be effective. This is of course assuming that it works at all… However, Ainterol are most commonly quoted as the best suppliers, though I have yet to use them. Only two of these a day. Blood clotting is a rumoured side effect of over-dosing on these, though I could find no specific cases (I, for one, have no wish to be the first).

Good luck if you take that route, but be very careful. I will keep on reporting if I actually enjoy any success, but I shall stop at once if I encounter any undesirable effects. A natural feminine body is not worth an early grave or a screwed-up digestive tract…

In final news, I went to the Cardiff University LGBT brunch today, had some nice chats, was very kindly asked which pronouns I preferred (take a guess…), and I ordered a Mediterranean wrap that was promptly served to someone on the other table, though the staff did quickly apologise and make me another, eventually. Still, no silver cloud without a little grey lining…


3 thoughts on “Silver Cloud

  1. The commonly reported thing is that nothing works well without the androgen blocker, but I’d avoid the black cohosh anyway. That was the one I saw implicated in liver damage (albeit in too-high doses). Pueraria Mirifica tends to be stated as the most potent, but fenugreek is cheaper and probably safer. Better still is to talk the whole thing through with a medical professional, though, which is exactly what I ought to be waiting for, but patience ranks low among my virtues… 😦


  2. BTW, if I should actually get some positive results, I would be very happy to drop you a message with the exact regimen that I have used. Two months is not actually an excessive time to wait for results, from what I have heard, though I believe black cohosh is still not the favoured choice of supplement. Really sorry to hear you have not had success with the herbals, though. I can well imagine your frustration from how trying this experience has been for me. If you would like to chat anytime, I would be very happy to.


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