The Ever-Disappointed Pessimist in Me…

Entires will be sporadic for about a week, as we are now visiting my parents in the Shetland Islands and returning on the 3rd of February, by which time I can only hope the psychiatric referral will have been made. However, the way things are going at present, there would seem to be little point in being anything other than hopeful except for my habitual but increasingly ill-founded pessimism…

Unexpectedly, after we arrived my dad was the first to broach the subject of my coming out, which he did in completely sympathetic terms by apologising if he found it difficult to remember to call me by my new name and pronous, but made it clear that he was more than happy to do so. My spouse and I were both blown away. I was also humbled… Having heard plenty of horror stories of irreconcilable alientations and disownments between families in such circumstances, including people within my own LGBT social circle who felt forever estranged from their loved ones, this was overwhelming, and just another of many factors which seems to have fallen perfectly into place for me where others have been much less fortunate.

But, being the pessimist that I am, I can probably assume that the universe is teasing me with acceptance and easy gains, only to whack me in the face with some massive obstacles and / or hatecrime down the line… or maybe not, and this pattern of unqualified warmth, love, and acceptance will just continue unabated, and I’ll be appointed Queen of Wales before the year is over. Which would be awkward, as I’m not a royalist, but based on how ludicrously easy this has been so far I may not be given a choice in the matter…

Or perhaps the human race, on the whole, is a damn sight nicer than I’ve been led to believe. Or more than likely I’m just very lucky in my acquaintance with it. The next testing of the waters is to contact my trade union, and see what sort of support is available in the workplace as my transition progresses. At least until her coronation, Queen Eleanor must still earn her bread…


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