Carpe Diem

Sands fall slow, yet gone

Before you know. Take the rest

To be who you are.

(Images, as ever, by the wonderful Jason Marsh)

incourt2 incourt3 incourt6 incourt7 incourt8


5 thoughts on “Carpe Diem

  1. Bless you. xxx It has been a discouraging week and my mind is full of troubled thoughts clamouring for attention… which is the sort of time when I think a long blog post would be a mistake, and better to condense them down into something short and to the point (and preferably positive). Things are looking up now, though. Just had a nice evening out with my husband and some friends, and have a few days off to relax. Will probably be starting HRT soon as well, which is pretty scary, but at the same time exciting (to say nothing of essential). Wish me luck…


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