Cthulhu’s Stepdaughter


(From http://www.hello-cthulhu.com/, by Devon Tackett)

My crisis of identity ended when I accepted myself as transgender, but I still have occasional crises of conscience. Sometimes, a radical feminist article might be cogent enough to give me unease, and certainly the thought that any action of mine might be perceived as damaging to feminism or socialism is hugely depressing. On the other hand, my default and so far unchallenged response to statements from the conservative right is to wonder if they will ever work out which is the correct bodily orifice to talk out of…

Take the following, as quoted by Hrafnkell Haraldsson at PoliticusUSA:

I have a degree in philosophy. So when I read certain things, I cringe. Like Mat Staver’s press release from Liberty Counsel on Friday, that objective reality itself (!) could be destroyed by transgender rights.

Objecting to the idea of “gender identity” as opposed to “biological sex,” Staver wrote,

The push for transgender rights is all a part of the homosexual agenda to create sexual anarchy in order to destroy marriage, morality, and objective truth. This is not civil rights; this is the abolition of civil rights. It is the deconstruction of objective reality and natural law.

Sexual anarchy and the deconstruction of objective reality. Wow. Who knew transgenders could undo the creation of the universe. They would be trumping God himself, at least according to Staver’s understand of creation. That’s quite a feat.


There you have it. Apparently, I am a twisted harbinger of chaotic evil, the Equality Act 2010 is culled straight from the unholy pages of the Necronomicon, and if we follow its guidance as a society we will shortly be up to our ears in gibbering, bubbling, tentacled monstrosities; our cities will become twisted hellscapes of non-Euclidean geometry; colours will turn homicidal and start eating people… Suddenly, I feel strangely awesome. Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn, or words to that effect.

Bit of a reductio ad absurdum? In that case, I would advise to stop saying blatantly absurd things.


4 thoughts on “Cthulhu’s Stepdaughter

  1. One wonders what strange delusions are floating around in the minds of people like the one you quoted. It is bizarre to think people being true to themselves is so threatening to them.

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