A Little Spur…

In case anyone was in any lingering doubt, debating transgender-related politics in the virtual world is a depressing and unavailing business, and not always easy on the conscience. Whilst straightforward bigots are easily dismissed and / or laughed at, the situation with radical feminism unfortunately elicits empathy, of however troubling a nature. Gender dysphoria – a profound state of unease or dissatisfaction – is a recognised pathology, but considering the backgrounds of some of the ardent radfem voices – including sufferers of serial rape, and mental abuse that might make O’Brien from Nineteen Eighty-Four nauseous – they might well ask what right does anyone have to be satisfied with their gender? Indeed, they do just that, and state that such discontent would be better channelled into bringing down the whole system. Gender reassignment, they would contend, is thus a self-centred opt-out from a hard social duty.

Debating against such a background of suffering seems gauche at best and potentially insulting at worst, particularly when the very thing that one knows will bring one peace and happiness is the fact responsible for said suffering (Female-assigned gender). None of which means I have any intention of backtracking on my transition, though. I know what repressing my GD has cost me, and continuing to repress it will serve no-one as far as I can see. Nevertheless, I am made keenly aware that I have rather allowed my condition to obsess me, have let the more creative aspects of my life slide completely, and have not really acted on my early resolution to find opportunities in my trans community to be a force for good. That at least must be rectified, and since Race Equality First have been of such inestimable service to me since I came out, providing me with my first opportunities to socialise in my reassigned role, as well as workplace support, legal advice, and even free theatre tickets, they seem an excellent place to start volunteering. Financial pressures are already challenging them and their sister anti-hatecrime groups, with the sub-group representing the South Wales Valleys now disbanded, its former responsibilities covered by the remaining two groups. It is unlikely any more funding wll be heading their way under five more years of Conservative austerity policies, so I daresay they will not be averse to volunteers.

And hopefully, the fact that I have now posted about it means I will be twice as unlikely to shy away from the resolution. Nothing like a burning bridge behind you to keep your eyes on the goal, I always think…

Following video by Race Equality First: examples of the challenges they face and the work they do. I have called this a tolerant and even a liberal, accepting area, but bigotry is a resident of every nation…


8 thoughts on “A Little Spur…

  1. Thanks for your post and very enlightening video which I found it very interesting and moving. I may post the video to my Tumblr to give younger trans folk an opportunity to learn and to have their experiences validated.

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  2. Take years to knock down fear of new. I live in Detroit. Still racism after so many battles for equality. I believe to make the world fair. We must keep working and ensuring free-will and free-thoughts are alive and well. No-one had the right to tell someone. Who they want to be is wrong. A personal decision.

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    • Agreed completely. I think my lesson is to find constructive ways to achieve that. Sadly, I think most of the people expressing themselves in political blogs and comments threads are as fixed and closed on one way of thinking as any religious fanatic.

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