Award! Award!


Unexpectedly and very touchingly, fellow blogger Daniella Argento has nominated me for the following award…


…but in order to be worthy of it, apparently I must pass the following ordeal:

Rules for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award:

Thank the giver and link their blog to your post.
Answer the 10 questions given to you.
Pass the award on to 7 other bloggers of their choice and let them know that they have been nominated.
Include the logo of the award in a post or on your blog.”

So, not wishing to claim this in bad faith, onto my questions…

1. Do you ever feel unsafe where you live?

Frequently, given the two large homeless shelters nearby, the proximity of the city centre, the red light district, and the weird neighbour… but on the other hand it is within fifteen minutes’ walk of where I work, twenty minutes from my church / LGBT+ support group, and is right behind the central train station, so I can’t complain too much. There’s even a local LGBT-friendly bed and breakfast a quick dash down the road, if things get too hot.

2. What one thing would you do today to make a difference to your community?

Volunteer with my local anti-hatecrime group, if I hadn’t done that last week (so at present, just waiting for them to get back to me).

3. Have you ever wanted to live in another country?

Yes. Only last year we were thinking of moving to rural France ASAP, which at the time seemed preferable to continuing to inhabit society under identities we didn’t want to be known as. We will probably still retire there, but just now I am enjoying finally getting to be me, and for people to know that at last.

4. What is stopping you from doing that one thing you always wanted to do?

I am in fact doing that very thing, though perhaps not as fast as I would like to… and the reason for that would be the lethargic pace of British public healthcare.

5. What is your nickname?

Ellie. Not counting the affectionate but unprintable one that my husband occasionally calls me…

6. What would you rather go without for a year, lipstick or high heels?

High heels. The right shade of lipstick can feminise my face in a twinkling, whereas heels just make me interfere with air traffic control, alas.

7. Coffee or tea?

Tea, unless on a morning shift.

8. What does ‘feminism’ mean to you?

Women of all backgrounds striving towards the rights, privileges, and the self-determination that men have taken for granted for recorded history (and, in many cases, continue to)

9. Is fairness the same as equality?

Sometimes, but more vague. It is fair to win a game by the rules, though that entails having a winner and a loser (which has the ring of inequality). Obviously, though, it is not fair to pass laws that automatically result in winners and losers. Equality is a more useful principle for building just societies.

10. If you had to read all of the 50 Shades books or all of Jilly Cooper’s books, which one would you choose?

Jilly Cooper, as I think it might take less time afterwards to rebalance my karma.

And now, I need to set some questions myself… but instead of sending these out to seven people, I think I will just open this up to anyone who cares to have a go. Apologies for interpreting the rules as I see fit, but I would hate to single out seven of my followers. They are all such worthy contributors to the blogosphere, and anyone prepared to actually attempt this deserves to flaunt the award, I think. So, here goes…

My Questions:

1. A bit obvious of me, but what does the word “gender” mean to you?

2. If you could get one international law passed, what would it be?

3. Most inspirational woman (living or dead, cis or trans)?

4. Favourite Beatle?

5. Favourite beetle?


6. Most inspirational fictional figure (male or female, cis, trans, or non-binary)?

7. What motivated you to start blogging?

8. How would you rate your local area / community in terms of tolerance / progressiveness, and why?

9. What does beauty mean to you?

10. If your child came out to you as trans / non-binary, what would your likely reaction be (both personally and in terms of dealing with the social situation)?

Profuse thanks to Daniella for having thought me worthy of this award, and good luck to the rest of you. 🙂 xxx


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