Turkey is a Dish Best Served Cold

Today, just a brief and apologetic post to announce I shall be taking a sabbatical from this blog in order to finish the novel I have putting off for almost the entire duration of my transition. Granted, it was part of what triggered the transition, but no reason to hold that against it with only two chapters to go and my would-be publisher probably losing interest by the day…

I will, in consequence, probably miss a lot of interesting posts from my followers, and I wish I trusted myself to just be a passive participant on WordPress, but I know myself too well: one post – especially the really politically-charged ones – leads to another, then that often leads to futile debates that themselves lead nowhere, then it’s time for bed. Unless I pop the turkey into cryostasis post-haste, in will come back to haunt me in no time at all… in a manner of speaking.

Hopefully this will not be too long an absence, but it needs must be a ruthless one. It has been a long time since I had any real news in any case, and regurgitating other people’s articles, however interesting, was not the reason I started this blog, nor was it to start a new photo album. I was, of course, hopeful that my transition itself would furnish more regular updates, but there has been no word on that for weeks now, and I would do well not to live for that elusive call. My husband and I always knew that this decision, though fateful, would be anything but quick to realise, and anyone taking this course must be prepared for that long haul element (as I believe I posted ages ago, even if I did not follow my own advice too well…). This means having the capacity to forget all about it for extended periods, and the best way to do that is probably to take a strict leave of absence from the whole subject and anything pertaining to it.

Sending apologies to Ariadne, Charissa Grace, Elle Kacee, F.G.M., JerBear, Kira Moore, Nemi and other regular WordPress contributors whose creativity and insights I am very likely to miss in the interim. None of you are forgotten. In the meantime, enjoy this fascinating interpretation of the life of one of history’s most famous and inspiring gender non-conformists…


4 thoughts on “Turkey is a Dish Best Served Cold

    • Thank you. 🙂 I am aiming to get the first draft finished by the end of this week, though even if I succeed there will be a lot of work to do. I have a friend willing to publish it, but we will have to work closely together on bringing it to a final form. This is definitely not a permanent goodbye, though. 🙂 x

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    • I’m sure I will be. 🙂 Been a bit stressed of late, and I think my internet addiction was perhaps not helping… Just need to get a handle on it and catch up with my work, and I can learn to enjoy it in moderation again. 🙂

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