The Sincerest Form…

A friend of mine, also in modelling, recently opened an Ebay shop, and as I wished to show support, as well as having had an invitation from Alan Moss for a second studio shoot, I had a browse there to see if I could find any new clothes that might lend themselves to the occasion. The item that instantly caught my attention was a Victorian-style corset in black, with red trimmings, which put the following three words in my head…




…and since I found Alan receptive to this idea, I now have the privilege of presenting my version of what is probably, for good or ill, the definitive transgender model shot of 2015. I had initially conceived of it as a highly gothed-up parody, but Alan goes by the logic of “If you’re going to rip something off, do it right,” thus we have a straightforward homage (but one, I think, that nicely testifies to Alan’s skill and artistic instincts)…


…plus a few more shots we did with some nice gothicy-steampunky accessories thrown in, and a lovely gothic skirt I picked up in an evangelical Christian charity shop, if only they knew…

_K3_0047 _MG_2591 _MG_2601

I wonder if a few more transwomen (or adventurous cis-women) take up this idea, we could perhaps make that shot as iconic and as imitated as Christine Keeler and the office chair, or Brigitte Bardot doing contortions. At least if they did, there would be less chance of me being singled out for a lawsuit… not that we make a penny out of these, I hasten to add.


5 thoughts on “The Sincerest Form…

    • If I am even on her level, that is deeply reassuring, because I definitely can’t afford facial feminisation surgery (I am scrimping just for the dubious privilege of having my follicles blasted with medical lasers). Bless you for such an uplifting comment. 😀 xxxxx


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