After the slight negativity and invalidation of our weekend in France, we are now back in not-so-sunny Wales, and my mood has been slightly uplifted by the delivery of my new workplace ID…

2015-07-15 15.24.07 2015-07-15 15.23.46

A shame the whole of society cannot be as ready to accept the situation as our employers are. Cal works for Bridgend Council, who have shown equal enthusiasm to accommodate his needs. Work colleagues are another matter, of course. We have both had our share of intrusive and insensitive questions, though 99% of them can be put down to lack of understanding, and my mail centre manager has encouraged me to speak up about any actual prejudice I encounter. Hopefully I shall never find occasion to, but it is good to know that our employers are treating trans issues with both seriousness and sensitivity.

For present, though, I am just elated to no longer be carrying around little pictures of my old masculine self, complete with dead name. Well, there is still my passport, which I will have to use again on the 30th to attend another wedding in France (which will probably pan out as embarrassingly as the last one). Somewhat depressing… but when we come back, it will be time for me to forge ahead with getting the rest of my documents changed, and making Eleanor Burns a 100% official entity.


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