Her Majesty’s Sadistic Pleasure

The latest family news from France has been encouraging: nearly all of the family now know of our mutual decision to transition, and are supportive. This means I can at last announce that Cal and I are accepted by both of our families, which is no small thing both in terms of contributing to a successful social transition, but also just because that sort of support is, tragically, not something a trans person dare take for granted even from their very closest relatives, such is the society we inhabit…

So far so good, but still one drawback remains: specifically, that since both our families live several hundred miles and a major body of water away from Cardiff (mine in the Shetlands, Cal’s in France), in order to get to them we still have to endure plenty of casual misgendering from transport and immigration officials while en route to them, and embarrassing double-takes and suspicious glares as they compare my thickly-bearded passport picture to the fey little androgyne that several months of androgen suppressing has left me as. It is high time to rectify that as much as possible…

2015-08-10 10.43.21

Certainly not my prettiest pictures, but Her Majesty’s Passport Office has unduly strict rules when it comes to smiling, neck scarves, three-quarter portraits, or anything else that might in way serve to flatter. One would almost think they wanted travelling to be a humiliating experience… on which note; the last time we took the Eurostar I saw that the body-scanners at the London terminal were supplied by a company called “Rapiscan.”

Yes, I know it was probably just meant to be abbreviated from “rapid,” and thus imply speed, but I do think it also does an admirable job of implying the sense of violation I get every time I pass through the wretched things, with the less-than-tantalising possibility of a body search as well, if the thing is feeling particularly sensitive and starts picking up earrings and teeth fillings. You can probably imagine how much I love having burly male security guards padding me all over while calling me “sir’ in voices that could never be accused of empathy. If this application can even slightly diminish that prospect, it will be seventy pounds well spent.


6 thoughts on “Her Majesty’s Sadistic Pleasure

  1. Glad your relations are supportive. I identify with the photo on your passport. I have a rather bushy, grey beard on my driver’s license. I intend to get the photo retaken relatively soon. I hope you are able to endure the indignities of official queries answer pat downs!

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    • I’m sure I shall survive somehow. My main anxiety which I forgot to mention is whether or not they will let me change my gender on the passport at such an early stage in my transition. That is hopefully what the letter from my doctor will achieve, but still definitely a fingers crossed situation…


      • Hey, I had a letter sent off from my therapist saying ‘Amy is a transsexual and will be living permanently in the female role’ or some such along with my passport forms marked ‘F’, and to my surprise it came back with the ‘F’ on it, so it should be the same for you honey! This was all pretty early on as well, so here’s hoping you get something nice in the post before long 😀

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