Dear Lurkers…

To the people who have, one hears, been trailing my Twitter account in the hopes of finding something to accuse me of, and have in the service of this cause revived Natasha Hinde’s Huffington Post article on Uterus Transplant surgery for trans women. Although my position is obvious enough from the section of my answer that Ms. Hinde decided to quote, I thought I would post the full reply I gave her just to clear up any doubt on this…

[In reply to the question, “I’m writing a piece about uterus transplants which, in future, could allow transgender women to become pregnant. … Would this be something you’d ever consider?”]

I have seen this story a lot recently. It has raised tension among radical feminists for being arguably the ultimate in medical rape and appropriation (e.g.

I can imagine compelling arguments for this being an inappropriate use of NHS resources, if it was ever implemented over here. Reassignment itself is fairly routine and reasonably safe, but this would certainly be expensive, experimental, and risky. The story of Lile Elbe [1882-1931, killed by a primitive and experimental form of this surgery] comes to mind…

I must admit, though, I would be very tempted. I would love to be a mother of whatever kind I can be, but my husband and I have had to rule out natural options: he is a pre-op trans man, and the idea of pregnancy is horrifically triggering to him. I can only imagine how much so. By the same token, I do believe that the experience of pregnancy and nursing would vastly improve the way I feel about my own body, but that is (I can accept) very selfish logic. A better focus might be on improving the availability of adoption and fostering options for loving LGBT couples. That is our most likely option, though we are aware being a trans couple will probably not play in our favour.

Still, it is a very compelling idea. Gender dysphoria may not be well understood, but it is a very visceral feeling. Some would call it morbid of self-harming, I think, but it is containable within its own weird parameters, as long as one is honest about it. Cal gets tattoos and piercings, I get electrolysis, and in ways like that we get to feel more in control of our bodies and our identities. But the limitations of medical reassignment are certainly very frustrating. We know we will never be “complete,” so to speak. We have often wished medical science would just invent that mind swap device from the awful last episode of Star Trek TOS, but that seems a little further away… [End of answer]

So, just for clarity’s sake, I do not think this is a good idea, I think even if it was viable it would be a selfish misuse of public medical resources, I refer the journalist to a Marxist Feminist / Radical Feminist source on the topic, and I steer the question towards a better, more realistic, and more socially useful alternative (Fostering or adoption). I attempt to do so without judgement or hyperbole. I suppose I could have just regurgitated the vitriolic, transphobic mantras which pervade many a discussion on such topics, but my belief is they are preaching only to the choir.

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    1. Likewise, and delighted to know now how you appreciate the eccentricities of British television. 😉 xxx

      And on the subject of said “debate”, thank you so much for having spoken up for me. It meant a great deal, however little impact we made between us…


  1. Thank you for sharing – I do want to say that your happiness and well-being is no less important than anyone else’s in the world, so I actually don’t think research towards better technology would be a misuse or negligent use of public resources. You matter, your needs matter, and I would be happy to have my tax dollars go towards research that benefits the trans population.

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    1. You are very kind. 🙂 I think I would still rather not be the “guinea pig” for this technique, though… Also, I am not precious about my genes and would be happy to give any child a loving home, though our one-bedroom flat is not really an option for any sort of family planning right now. 😦 Hopefully we shall get beyond that in the not too distant future.

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  2. Boo to lurkers. You would think people had more important things to do.
    I would never be so bold or ignorant to think my opinion on this should matter. I have a uterus, but i don’t need it or particularly want it anymore. If a trans women wanted one and it was medically possible, more power to her. Personally, I’m of the belief system that if it doesn’t hurt me or affect my life than who am I to say someone else can’t do or want or have something.
    While I agree that fostering and adoption are both important and valid options for all people looking to bring a child into their family, who am I to say that someone shouldn’t have the option to carry a child if they want to and it’s possible?
    Hugs to you and I hope the lurkers find all their answer within this post. I am however going to go try to find you on Twitter now! 😉 ❤

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    1. Thank you, and delighted to follow you over there. 🙂 I am being rather cautious over there at the moment, though, as the atmosphere is quite hostile according to my friend Aoife (and she ought to know, as they have given her worse than they have ever given me). xxx

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  3. Lurkers are the worst! I agree with A Kinder Way – if there is a way for you to be able to carry your own child and should you want to do that. I hope that Twitter can improve on its mannerisms!

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  4. I’m glad you provided her with such a clear and thoughtful answer and hope it reaches some people who hadn’t thought about it before.

    I’m kind of with Rachel though – if there were a known, safe way to do this, I don’t know why it should be selfish to want to do something that allows you to carry a child and give birth.

    In the meantime, it would be very exciting to adopt and to give a loving home to a child who needs it.

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    1. The answer was a bit cut down in the article, so may have lost some of its emphasis in translation. Certainly, that article was the point when a lot of radfems simultaneously declared me an unacceptable ally, although certain (supportive) people also suggested they were primarily angry because trans people’s opinions were canvassed and theirs were not. Understandable, but shooting the messenger and so forth…

      And thank you for your support. 🙂 I hope it will not be too long before we have such a home to offer. xxx


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