A Prayer for My Feast Day

I encountered this post in the aftermath of my first GIC assessment in London… on which a post is imminent, but suffice it for now to say that progress was made, and I am now most definitely on track for realisation of my dream.

It is certainly no less than that: an impossible-seeming fantasy that is now becoming reality, thanks in no small part to the love and support of my husband (who, God willing, will receive the same all-clear at his assessment later this month). Surgery is still some distance away (I will be assessed for suitability in February), but in Aoife’s recollection I can finally see the shape of my future, and a certain amount of fear, as it occurs to me that this is to be the first major operation I will ever have had, and the first time I will have been anaesthetised. Still, even that “taste of death” is of no deterrence, when I consider the outcome…


6 thoughts on “A Prayer for My Feast Day

    • Thank you. 🙂 It is Cal’s turn today: he is on his way to London now. I am sure he will do fine, though he was very stressed. The only question then (still horribly unresolved) is will our GP ever agree to help…


      • And if your GP doesn’t agree to help, you can’t change GPs? How does that work?

        Here we have a primary care physician within our insurance “network” who can decide our access to a lot of specialty services (though ultimately the insurance has the final decision). If you don’t like your primary care provider though, you can select a different one within the network. Do you have anything like that?

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      • We could, but from the information we have there are likely to be no GPs locally who care to take the responsibility for this kind of care. Theoretically, they have to obey the directive from the London GIC, but they put up a fight as long as they can, so the only thing to do is stick to one’s guns (unless we happen to hear of a much better GP within our catchment area).


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