Transition Update – Second GIC Appointment

Yesterday I went up to London for my second Gender Identity Clinic appointment. It had been intended that I should be referred for surgery at this stage. Unfortunately, there was a snag …

After my first appointment last year, my GP was instructed to put me on a certain regime of feminising HRT, with a view to getting my hormone baselines to a level equivalent to post-surgery. They refused, citing amongst other things lack of experience, the fact that gender transition is still technically an unlicensed (albeit routine) use of these drugs, and their belief that the GIC recommendations had no authority in NHS Wales. I argued, I took them to advocates and the Assembly Member, but they refused to budge.

I eventually (November 2016) found a new GP who agreed to prescribe me somewhat of a compromise (using a cheaper but less effective anti-androgen), but the damage was done and I have lost 8 months. I return to the GIC in October for a follow-up session, but unless I am on the right prescription by then I will be no closer to being referred for surgery.

It is clear now the NHS in Wales, at least at the primary care level, is substantially opposed to providing gender reassignment, but since there is certainly no Welsh GIC in the works (for many reasons, both cost-based and owing to Wales’ weird geography) unfortunately their cooperation is essential. With the support of the GIC, I now intend to report my old GP to the General Medical Council and hopefully this will set a small fire under the collective posteriors of GPs who are refusing this care (and of their union the BMA, who are it seems not our friends in this political tussle). Since my husband is also meant to be starting his HRT very soon, and we see no likelihood of leaving Wales any time soon, this is doubly personal.

On a lighter note, some snaps I took while I was there …


Horsenden Hill, Perivale. Its claim to fame is that it is the main location in the last ever episode of “Doctor Who” (1963-89 version). Well, I felt awed, anyway, and tired (It is a fair bit steeper than it looks in this shot).


Shipping cranes at West India Quay, near Canary Wharf. Seen in the movie “Hellraiser,” in spite of that film being superficially set in some weird Anglophile American locale (The clear shot of a British Rail Intercity 125 train hardly helps, also).


Smiling through the chaos, until next time …

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  1. First, I wish you much success in setting a fire under GP’s who fail in their duty of care of supporting trans people.

    Second. I am amazed that you were told a second meeting at GIC would initiate a referral for surgery. There have been many transwomen who’ve given up on the delays at Charing Cross and gone private. I have my second appointment there this coming August and the best I can get is that they may talk about hormones then (I will though have been on monitored hormones by then for 19 months). I am only playing their game to get the NHS to fund the hormones and routine tests.

    I wish you as always the very best of luck (the very best of everything)


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    1. Cal and I have both found it surprisingly straightforward. The GIC were keen to start me on monitored HRT as I was self-medding, and Cal always knew he would have to wait two appointments. I really hope things go your way in August. xxx

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  2. First off…sending hugs your way. It should not be so difficult. You’ve done your part repeatedly. Something that in my opinion is only yours to decide should not be made more difficult by drs. There should be no hoop jumping or fighting involved and I’m truly sorry that you’re being put through this. ❤

    On a happier note…good grief you look stunning in those pictures! The last one reminds me of Andie MacDowell in 4 Weddings and a Funeral.

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  3. Hi there – I know I’ve been MIA for a long time, but I’m finally checking in, and I wanted to tell you that you look fantastic in your photos.

    I’m sorry about how stupid doctors can be and how slow the system is to change. It’s so hard to one of those who has to do the pushing and the lighting of fires to make change happen.

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    1. Thank you so much. 🙂 I haven’t really been keeping the blog faithfully, so you’ve barely missed anything. There just hasn’t been the time or really the need for it, news having been so slow. Things are definitely moving now, but we do seem to have a problem with GPs in South Wales. I’m afraid my story is by no means unusual…


  4. I can only imagine the frustration you feel at the delays in your treatment but hopefully under your new GP things will proceed apace.
    I wish to commend you on how stunning you look in your pictures. Lovely indeed.

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    1. Thank you so much. 🙂 Things are finally moving now, and hopefully back on course later this year. Not as bad a delay as I had feared, but we know now the GP was indeed acting in a hostile fashion (as in had taken a stand against treating trans patients). I do fear for the future of gender related care in Wales.


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