The magic S word …

It is testimony to how long the process of transition on the NHS is that I have posted nothing on trans matters for months now, even though that is ostensibly the whole purpose of this blog: certainly the reason I was encouraged to begin it, though I was afraid it would make a very stop-start narrative with massive gaps from the beginning.

While such has been the case, both the hubby and I have been lucky in not having faced much in the way of unexpected delays, with every appointment at the GIC entailing meaningful progress (Not all are so fortunate). Yesterday I had my third and final appointment at the GIC, after which I was discharged and referred to the surgical team at Charing Cross Hospital, from whom I shall hopefully be hearing in the near future.

Excited? Most definitely. Apprehensive? Somewhat. This will be my first major surgery, and the extended convalescence (about ten weeks) afterwards will present its own challenges, but finally knowing the end is in sight is tremendously fulfilling, and of course I can turn for support to the many people I now know who have taken this route successfully (and with the same surgical team). I also know I will not be impeded from getting the sick leave I need.

Here I am with two wonderful friends – Helena and Amanda – standing outside the hospital which I shall be visiting more formally in due course.


And thank you to everyone here who has encouraged me through this surreal but ultimately positive story. Hopefully its closing chapters should come at a slightly faster rate from now on …

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    1. Thank you so much. 🙂 I’ve no doubt it will be a challenge, and even well-meaning people are contributing to the anxiety element by urging me to prepare meticulously for the after-care, lest I bleed to death after taking a flight of stairs … Well, it all comes from a place of concern, but I prefer to remind myself of all the people I know (some with fewer advantages in life) who have come through this just fine.

      Of course, once can only relax so much about the prospect of one’s first major surgery – especially one that entails so much excitement as well – but I am very optimistic as to the result. After that, I think there will be few challenges I don’t feel equal to. 🙂 Hope to have more news soon, and thank you for your encouragement. xxx


  1. Sorry I have been absent from your blog for sometime now. I have been devoting more time to persuits beyond my blog. A friend of mine recently completed Gender Confirmation Surgery and is doing well. I wish you all the best as you complete this next step in your journey to be your authentic self.

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    1. My blog hasn’t exactly been relevant on the LGBT subject of late, so you didn’t miss much. 😉 Lovely to hear from you, anyway, and thank you so much. I am glad to hear your friend is doing well, and I hope I shall soon follow their example … xxx

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  2. Oh Eleanor this is so exciting!! I don’t even know what to say because I’m just so excited for you! You’ve waited so long and been so patient. I could jump for joy! Please keep us posted. I will be thinking about you. ❤

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