Lucille and the Healers

There was a time not so long ago when I wanted to distance myself from the past – and particularly from my old name – so much that I would never share my old works, but now that the end of my transition is well and truly in sight the past seems less scary than it used to be … and since a friend has left a very nice review of this book, it seems only right to add it here (albeit with a corrected cover):


“London, 1929 – It isn’t easy being a fashionable flapper and emulating your silver screen heroines when you live in a poky East End terrace with your poor, widowed mother, your over-achieving sister, and such disreputable and drunken lodgers as you can find to help pay the bills, as sixteen-year-old Lucy “Lucille” Kitson can testify. However, their newest lodger – a young writer from the jazzy metropolis of New York – is far more to her liking, and his only shortcoming is that he is concealing a secret that makes him a marked man, and endangers all who befriend him.

Pulled inexorably into a dark supernatural world, and into an even darker scientific one, Lucy Kitson finds her priorities and her life challenged equally. She must endure hard lessons if she is to help put an end to the “Healers”, their murderous nocturnal predations, and their sinister designs that threaten the lives and souls of thousands.”

This book was mainly written in 2006-7 while I was teaching English as a second language in Beijing, and suddenly got the urge to get back into writing. It was initially adapted from an earlier Victorian Gothic idea of mine as a teen fiction collaboration with an illustrator who had created a teenage 1920s vampire character called “Bellini” (who became “Lucille” in the final MS, to avoid being accused of being a deliberate rip-off of Bella from the “Twilight” books). Sadly, the illustrator pulled out, but I continued it to the end. I do feel it shows the marks of having been written for a young audience – I elected not to go back through the MS and “adult” up the language for the sake of it – but what particularly struck me in my friend’s review was that she identifies the best character as vampire anti-heroine Anne Straker, who would have been the main character if I hadn’t been writing to accommodate the Lucille / Bellini character. Anne is looking like a strong candidate for protagonist in a future book …

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    1. Getting that review was rather a lovely surprise. 🙂 Just a shame I can’t update the details on Amazon (according to the publisher, this would require new ISBNs, which would cost).


      1. Well …. I admire you nonetheless …. I have not the vaguest idea of what an ISBN is …. my only published works are of a technical nature with a very very limited audience … if I published a half decent paragraph elsewhere I might die happier. So …. well done …. I feel just a little bit honoured to have this misty connection with you.

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      2. Eleanor …. I have not the first idea about poetry. I have scribbled down a few things here in response to others who know far more about it than me. Most of it is very much tongue in cheek, to be honest.

        My mother was a doctor of English. I remember suggesting to her, as an adolescent, that I may wish to pursue a career in literature. “Don’t be ridiculous,” she said.

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      3. Oh yes, to be sure. She would have said the same thing if I suggested pursuing a career in football. In truth that might have been a better prospect, but a rather short one.
        As it turns out she was probably right. I remember my wife complaining to her about my frequent melancholy to which my mother replied, “My God! Don’t you understand? It’s those bloody books he reads!”
        My mother was, of course, the one who introduced me to ‘those bloody books’.

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      1. I have an idea for her brewing … but first I’ve promised myself to get “Gloriana’s Mask” published, as that too is calling for a sequel. In fact, I really must harass its prospective publisher a bit more (It was written before “Wolves …” and should have been out before it, had all gone to plan).

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    1. On the subject, dare I ask if you would leave a little review for Wolves of Dacia on (So far, it only has reviews on the UK mirror site) No particular rush, but I would be nice to get something on the main site, and I just loved the review you gave me before. 🙂 xxx

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      1. For sure! Will do it later today or tomorrow at the latest. I thought I had done that. Must have been on one of my mental lists. As I age…those mental lists get a little cloudy! 😉

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      2. It’s wonderful, and thank you so much. 🙂 I’m really glad Andreea works as a strong protagonist. I was faintly worried she’d suffer due to me being the kind of person who gets very into the villains. 😉

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