The Time-Travelling Showgirl


Being an indie author, without anyone else to worry about all the dreary marketing schtick, one has to do one’s best to keep track of whether or not one’s books are getting any attention. Recently, I was Googling about to see if I could find any new reviews on Wolves of Dacia, obviously searching with the name “Eleanor Burns” (Alas, it is the only original work so far published under my chosen name, although hopefully not the last). What I found instead was a link directing me to a book entitled Still Stripping After 25 Years. I was briefly afraid a thoroughly disgraceful 64-year-old me from the future had come back in time and written an autobiography … but apparently I just have a namesake who specialises in strip quilting, whatever that may be.


A little anticlimactic, truth be told … although anyone who does wish to see me in burlesque now has that opportunity, as the videos of our troupe’s “Far Far Away” show have now gone up on YouTube. I am one of the dancers on stage in this clip, mostly in red, freakishly tall, and with arms that refuse to straighten elegantly, sod them … Nevertheless, it was a wonderful, energising evening, and as a friend has reminded me, also the culmination of a dream I have had for years: the heroine of one of my earlier novels was an aspiring (but tragically clumsy) cabaret dancer who eventually finds her calling … against the backdrop of a sinister Gothic / Dieselpunk apocalyptic threat, of course. At least I only need to fear stage fright without the additional seasoning of mad scientists and murderous militias.


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  1. SO fun. I watched this prior to reading your last post. I’m glad you shared this today. It’s a great reminder to you how far you’ve come and while this is a bit of a setback…LOOK at YOU! You look so happy and so stunning Eleanor! I smiled the whole way through.

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      1. I’m sure it is. I can’t fathom being brave enough to get up there but I loved watching it. You can’t help but smile. I was getting a little pissy at first…wanting the woman in front of you to slide over a bit….but that worked itself out. Ha!
        ps….I found that Eleanor Burns when I went searching for your book once. It made me giggle. Not exactly what I expected with the title either but she surely has a great sense of humor. 🙂


      2. Indeed, after the walk-around I could hardly have ended up in a more visible place … but that was good. A little baptism of fire. 😉 I had to cheat like hell with the ‘reveal,’ though. Undoing hook-and-eye fasteners backwards, in less than a second, with one’s least dexterous hand did not prove viable, so there was a sneaky little press stud sewn onto the top on the night …

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      3. Work well spent, anyway: looks like some of us will be doing a reprise of the dance this week. There’s some sort of trans-exclusionary feminist conference taking place on Thursday, so a local intersectional feminist group decided to stage a counter-event (and would like us to be there). Having that to look forward to has certainly lifted my mood …

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  2. Wawawaaaaaa Eleanor!! Great job! After what you wrote, I was waiting to see clumsy moves on the stage, but you were stunning!! And, as Nikki said, you look so happy! I NEVER would have the guts to step on stage, and it is only the begining for you! Bravo, Gorgeous 🙂 xx

    Thank you for sharing!

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    1. You are wonderful. 🙂 And I definitely hope it will only be the beginning. I’ve had a duet idea for “Phantom of the Opera” going around my head for ages … although we might have to be creative with the music, as I fear Andrew Lloyd Webber would be even more likely to sue us than Disney. 😉

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      1. That’s awesome! I hope you’ll have good news for us in that regard sooner than later 🙂 And I am not worried about the music, you guys look very creative… And where there’s a will, there’s a way!! 🙂

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      2. I’ve never known a more creative group. 🙂 They are geniuses with costumes and props. Makes me want a bigger apartment just so I can fill it with sewing machines, glue guns, and a small arsenal of make-up …

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  3. I loved it! I would love to be able to do something similar with confidence–but I’m way too plump and do NOT the body for such a thing. You did marvelous–I’m so glad the lady in front of you got out of the way so I could see you more clearly. Those legs! You did a fantastic job!

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    1. You’re wonderful, and hearing that has really lifted my day. 🙂 I’ve wanted to dance for so long, and not had the confidence. I enjoy it immensely, but do worry I am not terribly good (so always encouraging to hear otherwise). xxx

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    1. I suppose I could write to her and ask her if she’s actually my future self playing dangerous games with the continuum, but it seems an awfully rude question out of the blue (even with the stability of the universe at stake) …

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      1. Especially these days–in the old days, they might simply think you’re nuts and dismiss it, but these days they might launch an alternative universe or dimension or something, out of sheer pique.

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