Dark Tarot Shoot

Another threshold crossed on the path to recovery: I have done my first photoshoot post-surgery. The photographer was Dark Venice from Purpleport, and the theme, nicely utilising my own Wiccan leanings, was dark versions of the Tarot cards. The location was Tinkinswood Burial Chamber: a Neolithic site just outside Cardiff which made the perfect pagan backdrop, although we did have to work the shoot around occasional bemused sightseers …


Tropes which you might recognise here (if you are familiar with the Tarot) are the Hermit, the High Priestess, and the Fool, to which I brought my best manic Harley Quinn air. There are so many more cards left to attempt, though, so this will very probably be one of a series of shoots. I never thought I would keep on modelling beyond my thirties – indeed, I once naively assumed I that would have a proper job by this point in time – but between this lark and burlesque dancing, it’s just too compelling finally getting to shine a little as the person I always wanted to be. Responsibility can always wait for another decade …


5 thoughts on “Dark Tarot Shoot

    • That’s two favourite votes on the second-to-last one. 🙂 (That one got love on Facebook too) Thank you so much for your kind words. It was a wonderful concept to be asked to do, more focused than the sort of generally “Goth” stuff I am used to doing (not that there is anything wrong with that, but I have seen enough graveyards to last a lifetime … ironically enough). xxx

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  1. The first picture against the wall is so soft and stunning. I love it. ❤ You are quite the model, bringing the perfect 'look' to each concept. Great job Eleanor. As Tyra Banks would say..you are modeling H2T (Head to toe!)
    ps…Harley would be proud! ❤

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    • That one is my favourite too. 🙂 So happy to get your approval on these pics. I didn’t think I’d get many images out of the day (it was a paid, so he wasn’t obliged to give me any), but the consensus seems to be this is the best shoot I’ve done in awhile, and I think the strong concept helped. xxx


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