“Imago” – Part 1 (I hope…)

"imago n. [...] final and perfect stage of insect after all metamorphoses, e.g. butterfly; (Psych.) idealized mental picture of oneself or another person [...]." The Concise Oxford Dictionary (Clarendon Press, 1982) (Eleanor, in larval form...) Did I mention I once used to be a male model? This is obviously in a very loose sense of... Continue Reading →

The Lousy Actress Strikes Again…

Today, "Anthony Burns" failed his last ever job interview. "He" went to it in full sharp-suited masculine persona, essentially pulling a cruel deception on the interviewers as they would have very soon discovered whom they had really hired (It was an internal vacancy, and my union rep will shortly be outing me to management as... Continue Reading →

Creativity and Self

There were many triggers other than the Leelah Alcorn case that hit me last year, and one in particular that stood out. Oddly enough, it was a melodramatic horror film (although a very accomplished and gripping one) by Pedro Almodóvar, starring Antonio Banderas as a driven (but utterly psychopathic) Hammeresque surgeon - Dr. Ledgard -... Continue Reading →

Doctor Who?

Dr. Eleanor Burns, for anyone who is wondering, is thirty-five as of 9/1/15, lives in Cardiff, and although unemployed in her field, is an English Literature academic. I took my doctorate in the poet P B Shelley (1792-1822), having encountered the book "Shelley's Mirrors of Love" (Bonca, Teddi Cichester; SUNY Press; 1998) which posited the... Continue Reading →

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