A Very Feminine Flood…

Today we returned from visiting our family in France again, and just to give some idea of the degree of effort my in-laws are putting into coming to terms with their unexpected acquisition of a trans-daughter-in-law, I will give a quick inventory of the presents I have had from them over the last two visits...... Continue Reading →

Feel lucky, punk?

Just a quick visual post for today, as I have now received and resized the photos from my latest shoot with Jason Marsh. I love this photographer more than any I have ever worked with for various reasons... 1. He only works with vintage cameras and film - none of that boring DSLR stuff -... Continue Reading →

“Imago” – Part 2

Quicker than I thought possible, given that they had to be developed from vintage film, the pictures from Sunday's shoot have been developed and scanned. They have instantly proven to be the most interesting, artistic, and personally satisfying pictures I have ever had taken of me. Some were shot against a glass art installation on... Continue Reading →

Down and Out in the Deep South

Having expected a beyond-awkward reception at my parents' place, and having been in fact overwhelmed at the effort they both made to recognise and respect my new name and gender, I settle back into the Deep South (Cardiff) with a sense of regret and wistful longing. The Shetland Islands may be distant from any gender... Continue Reading →

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