Dreams, Recurring and Hopeless

Lately I've had many recurring dreams about being in a secondary school science class, or being late for it, missing it, and such variations. This began making more sense to me after YouTube's algorithm started sending me various space program and NASA-themed videos, reminding me that for many years in my childhood I was cheerfully... Continue Reading →

Jumping Hoops – A Rant on the Welsh NHS

Today, as I learn that my legal caseworker is leaving her job and my MP can't be of any help in local health issues, I am far from being in the best frame of mind... Let's quickly recap... Early last year, my husband and I went to our GP to finally pursue gender reassignment, as... Continue Reading →

GIC – First Assessment

Apologies for the delay, but things haven't stopped moving since I returned from London last Friday. As for the reason I was there at all... well, it certainly took a long time (albeit 11 months rather than the dreaded 13) and there were plenty of times I dreaded it wouldn't happen at all, or would... Continue Reading →

End of Act I

I find myself lacking a proper theme or any real news, indeed, but lest this blog be facing its permanent wind-down at any time I would rather it did not vanish without explanation. Not that this is necessarily the case, but I think it may have a long hiatus, at least. Its purpose was always... Continue Reading →

Letting the Side Down

[Previous post redacted, due to having become stupidly redundant...] Originally on this blog, I posted some questions to the deep ecology group Deep Green Resistance, just in case tags and keywords actually work and they felt like dropping by... which, unamazingly, they didn't. I have since followed the rational, nay obvious course and just taken... Continue Reading →

Forever the Acolyte…

So far, my circumstances have been so favourable that I have encountered no overt prejudice or discrimination since I came out as trans. I have, however, both invited and encountered challenge. A while back I posted about the troubling sense I had come to that by not only desiring to become a woman, but by... Continue Reading →

Stark Staring Sane

Another huge sigh of relief breathed today, as my preliminary mental assessment is now out of the way, and initial results are looking promising. Having woken up early, dressed smartly, made myself up, and stressing myself out something silly, I made my way down to the local mental health centre in the company of a... Continue Reading →

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