The Joy of Imbalance

I have alluded to my religious leanings a few times, insofar as I have any. I had no religious upbringing, for which I am grateful: dogmatic upbringings and happy outcomes with parents on LGBT issues tend not to go together well... Nonetheless, I was drawn to the figure of Christ at university, after encountering a... Continue Reading →

God Moves in Mysterious Ways…

Another factoid about Eleanor: she is a Christian, which can be an awkward and rather conflicting thing to be when one is also transgendered... Among the many painful and depressing details of the Leelah Alcorn tragedy (, the fact that all Christian involvement in her life led only to depression, bullying, and total lack of... Continue Reading →

Doctor Who?

Dr. Eleanor Burns, for anyone who is wondering, is thirty-five as of 9/1/15, lives in Cardiff, and although unemployed in her field, is an English Literature academic. I took my doctorate in the poet P B Shelley (1792-1822), having encountered the book "Shelley's Mirrors of Love" (Bonca, Teddi Cichester; SUNY Press; 1998) which posited the... Continue Reading →

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