Visit to the GP…

The dreaded moment finally arrived yesterday morning… Following an early start and a walk in the freezing cold along Bute Street, my spouse and I arrived at our new GP practice in order to be early in the queue for the walk-in surgery. We were indeed early… which meant only an hour and a half... Continue Reading →

In the Tunnel, Needing Hugs…

Ok... Yesterday's optimism and philosophical attitude seems to have packed up and left, and I am currently just doing my best not to catch my reflection, as the sight of it disgusts me. There will always be days like this with gender dysphoria, and all political correctness aside, I have no problems with calling it... Continue Reading →

Let’s Be Fair: What a Positive Week

Eleanor looks in the mirror every day and is pretty displeased. She despairs of ever passing convincingly as her innate gender, and sometimes her best projection for the future is retiring as quickly as possible to an isolated setting where at least she will be spared both the agony of rejection for who she is... Continue Reading →

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