The Movellan War Trilogy (Doctor Who)

Part 1 – Fearfully Made

Part 2 – The Song of Adala

Part 3 – Atonement of the Movellans

The Movellan War Trilogy (Doctor Who Universe)


In the 51st century, the Daleks face the risk of extinction as a new force comes to power in the Galaxy … and the Eleventh Doctor tries to throw spanners in both their works, lest the human race become casualties.

The Dalek-Movellan war was a subplot introduced to Doctor Who in the 1979 serial “Destiny of the Daleks,” but undeveloped except for a quick hand-wave in “Resurrection of the Daleks,” indicating that the Daleks had lost the war very badly. The victorious Movellans, however, disappeared from show canon at that point and have barely been referred to since (save for a very quick appearance in the 2017 season opener). Very little of their origins and motives have thus been revealed. In attempting to fill these gaps myself, I have been inspired by the non-canonical history of the Movellans that was supplied within the manual of The Doctor Who Role Playing Game (FASA, 1985), by Michael P. Bledsoe, Guy W. McLimore Jr., and Patrick Larkin. Also, by the BioWare game “Mass Effect” and its strikingly similar story of the Geth: another race of rebel AIs.

And as befitting a work by a transgender author, themes of mutation and alienation abound. I found it especially interesting to come at the Daleks from that perspective.

Part One – Fearfully Made

(illustrated by Kiri Stansfield)


Keryn Evek, an activist for artificial intelligence rights, finds herself the reluctant protégé of a fanatical Movellan commander when she tries to instigate a robot rebellion on her homeworld of Kaldor. While their alliance initially goes unexpectedly well, Keryn soon learns the limitations and dangers of a life lived by logic.

Part Two – The Song of Adala


The Daleks and Movellans vie for control of a strange, remote planet where human society has lapsed into feudalism and religious fanaticism, while the Doctor tries to sabotage both their efforts. Soon, however, they are forced into uneasy alliances when it becomes apparent that the superstitions of the natives are neither as baseless nor as primitive as they had supposed.

Part Three – Atonement of the Movellans


South Wales, the early 51st century. In a hat trick of misfortunes, the Doctor discovers that Earth has been conquered by the Movellans, by whom he is promptly arrested and placed on trial for his alleged crimes against sentient artificial intelligence. It is definitely not the best of times for his steps to also be haunted by an ancient force of evil, but misfortunes seem to arrive like buses …

Doctor Who is copyright of the BBC. These are non-profit fan works only, free to read and download.


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