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Wolves of Dacia

Lucille and the Healers


Seed of Mercy

Assignment – Lament

The Movellan War Trilogy (Doctor Who)

Part 1 – Fearfully Made

Part 2 – The Song of Adala

Part 3 – Atonement of the Movellans

Gloriana’s Masque

(Fantasy / Steampunk, 2020, All Rights Reserved)

Gloriana's Masque

The vengeful, disfigured Gloriana – rebel fay queen and part-time mad scientist – seeks to free her once-proud people from the oppressive, industrialised nation of Lucinia, to whom they are considered little better than slaves. To this end she has devised weapons that seem to combine modern technology with ancient elven magic, but are freedom and justice her sole concerns, or are her ambitions more grandiose, and deadly? Lucinian “peace envoys” Secretary Kasimir and Delator Maradith are sent to discover the truth … or to assassinate Gloriana if they can’t.

While the rebel queen is alert to the danger of Lucinian treachery, she is also threatened by the plots of her own mercenary allies, and scheming members of her own court seeking to undermine her. Can she play them off against each other for long enough to bring her master plan to fruition? Or is she in fact her own worst enemy?

Available through Amazon as paperback or ebook.

Wolves of Dacia

(Dark fantasy / Gothic, 1st ed. Double Dragon Publishing, 2018, All Rights Reserved)


Transylvania, 1941: as the spectre of the Holocaust reaches Romania it falls to Andreea Petrescu, a Romani biology student, to go on the run from an SS Einsatzgruppen with her irascible, superstitious father. Their flight leads them to seek refuge in ancient Dacian catacombs, where they discover they are not the first to have taken shelter.

Though her father is repulsed by their discoveries, the scientifically-minded Andreea finds herself fascinated by the activities of the mysterious resistance unit that has set itself up in the area, and of their leader, the charismatic and ruthless Miss Bendice. She seems eager to recruit Andreea to her cause, and offers her an opportunity to escape from her degrading circumstances, but at no small cost.

Forging unlikely friendships with a naïve Wehrmacht lieutenant, an amnesiac teenage vampire, and a scatterbrained Welsh parapsychologist, Andreea’s knowledge, courage, and integrity are put to the test as she struggles to survive, save her loved ones, and stay true to her principles, though it may entail sacrificing her dreams.


Wolves of Dacia, simply put, is a book you will not be able to put down. Eleanor Burns writes in such a way that you feel transported to the places captured on her pages. I’m not the kind of reader that needs to know every detail to enjoy a book and I can find that way of writing a bit tedious, but the way Ms. Burns writes will make you feel like you’re inside the story … not like you are being told about the story. Huge difference and the main reason you won’t be able to stop yourself from devouring this book.

Wolves of Dacia tells the tale of Andreea, a smart, strong and highly capable woman. While it is her story, there are a slew of other fascinating characters to draw you in. Each with there own set of motives. Some pure and some pure evil. Trying to figure which is which is half the fun!”

Eleanor Burns’ über-descriptive vision of an underground network of otherworldly madness leaves your teeth marks firmly imprinted on the pages of this fine paperback. A riveting horror adventure like nothing I’ve ever experienced … The inner voices of the plethora of twisted characters throws another dimension into the world that not only helps you get in their heads but also them to get in yours.”

This is a truly wonderful book. It’s exciting and very well-written. The set-up is pretty unique – I’ve certainly never come across a similar concept for the story – Romany vs Nazi vampires. It has been one of my favourite reads of recent times. Highly recommended.

“Wolves of Dacia” takes you into a world where we think we understand and can see clearly good from bad. However, Eleanor Burns makes sure that you have to look deep inside yourself as she challenges you to drop your own judgements along the wayside of your reading journey. These are topics, ideas, locations not often explored. To simply say that this is a vampire novel is to miss entirely the breadth.”

CURRENTLY OUT OF PRINT (Please contact if interested).

Lucille and the Healers

(Dark fantasy / Gothic, Mushroom Ebooks, 2011, All Rights Reserved)


In the East End of London, 1929, Lucy “Lucille” Kitson lives a frugal life with her war-widowed mother and her infuriatingly perfect elder sister. Both girls are destined for school-teaching careers – the best prospect they can hope to achieve from their standing – but all Lucy can dream of, much to her mother’s dismay and disapproval, is jazz music, silver screens, stage footlights, and dancing the Charleston … her two left feet notwithstanding.

When her mother, desperate for extra money, takes in a lodger from New York – a city Lucy only knows by Hollywood repute – she is instantly taken with the mysterious young traveller, although Joseph Ward is far from the dashing, metropolitan type she had expected: polite, rather old-fashioned, and decidedly cagey.

She soon discovers he has reason to be, as she crosses the path of the secretive and ruthless government paramilitaries known as the “Healers” and their leader: the cruel, imperialistic Major Drayton. Dragged into an underworld where there are no clear heroes or villains, Lucy finds her dreams coming true in disturbing, ironic ways. Who would have thought the Charleston could be a dance of death?


An enthralling and exciting novel with a really interesting take on vampire/human interactions. The book makes you root for the vampires against the humans but without copying Twilight or Angel. It definitely follows its own path.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. The author does a beautiful job of sucking the reader in right from the start. The dialogue and attention to detail is spot on, making this book feel like a movie playing in my head.

I’m completely smitten with the character Anne. Clearly not the intended main character, but my personal favorite. I’d be first in line for a book about Anne…(hint hint).

There is one ‘scene’ in particular that I can’t forget about. It’s a reunion of sorts, that was written so beautifully, capturing both characters emotions so clearly, that it made me tear up.

This is a quick-er read, but lacks nothing that a longer novel could bring to the table. Fantastic book!”

A well constructed insight into people on the edge of society. If you see yourself as something other than who society expects, then reality has a nasty habit of reforming around your wishes. Learning to dance should not be a life or death decision.

Available through Amazon as paperback or ebook.

Visit Mushroom Ebooks for other formats / outlets.

Seed of Mercy (Crossover: Steven Universe, Transformers G1)


1986 – Gail Adler, a disillusioned eco-terrorist, makes a rash deal with the Decepticons, inadvertently leading them to an ancient Gem ruin and changing her own life irrevocably. The Crystal Gems and the Autobots must now join forces to prevent a sinister Homeworld experiment from being revived, at grave risk to all organic life.

Assignment – Lament (Crossover: Hellraiser, Sapphire and Steel, Doctor Who)


The abduction of a journalist by ruthless extra-dimensional forces leads Sapphire and Steel back onto familiar territory. Meanwhile, deep within the Labyrinth, the Cenobite High Priest has a disturbing encounter of his own with an old wartime comrade, leading to a bizarre alliance. Can the operators find a way to successfully infiltrate Leviathan’s domain, sabotage this plan, and rescue the hostage before reality itself becomes a war casualty?

The Movellan War Trilogy (Doctor Who Universe)


In the 51st century, the Daleks face the risk of extinction as a new force comes to power in the Galaxy … and the Eleventh Doctor tries to throw spanners in both their works, lest the human race become casualties.

The Dalek-Movellan war was a subplot introduced to Doctor Who in the 1979 serial “Destiny of the Daleks,” but undeveloped except for a quick hand-wave in “Resurrection of the Daleks,” indicating that the Daleks had lost the war very badly. The victorious Movellans, however, disappeared from show canon at that point and have barely been referred to since (save for a very quick appearance in the 2017 season opener). Very little of their origins and motives have thus been revealed. In attempting to fill these gaps myself, I have been inspired by the non-canonical history of the Movellans that was supplied within the manual of The Doctor Who Role Playing Game (FASA, 1985), by Michael P. Bledsoe, Guy W. McLimore Jr., and Patrick Larkin. Also, by the BioWare game “Mass Effect” and its strikingly similar story of the Geth: another race of rebel AIs.

And as befitting a work by a transgender author, themes of mutation and alienation abound. I found it especially interesting to come at the Daleks from that perspective.

Part One – Fearfully Made

(illustrated by Kiri Stansfield)


Keryn Evek, an activist for artificial intelligence rights, finds herself the reluctant protégé of a fanatical Movellan commander when she tries to instigate a robot rebellion on her homeworld of Kaldor. While their alliance initially goes unexpectedly well, Keryn soon learns the limitations and dangers of a life lived by logic.

Part Two – The Song of Adala


The Daleks and Movellans vie for control of a strange, remote planet where human society has lapsed into feudalism and religious fanaticism, while the Doctor tries to sabotage both their efforts. Soon, however, they are forced into uneasy alliances when it becomes apparent that the superstitions of the natives are neither as baseless nor as primitive as they had supposed.

Part Three – Atonement of the Movellans


South Wales, the early 51st century. In a hat trick of misfortunes, the Doctor discovers that Earth has been conquered by the Movellans, by whom he is promptly arrested and placed on trial for his alleged crimes against sentient artificial intelligence. It is definitely not the best of times for his steps to also be haunted by an ancient force of evil, but misfortunes seem to arrive like buses …

Doctor Who, Steven Universe, Transformers, Sapphire and Steel, and Hellraiser are copyright of their original authors. These are non-profit fan works, free to read and download.

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