Modelling Portfolio

Shoot by John Waring, April 2018.

Shoot by Sugarbox Studios, March 2018.

Shoot by Dark Side Photography, January 2018.

Shoot by Springfield Photography, October 2016.

Studio shoot, 12/7/16, Mark Cleghorn Photography.

Home shot 19/6/16, taken by my handsome hubby Cal (hence the genuine smile).


Steampunk / Victorian shoot by Nik Sheppard, 28/8/15.

201508-02668 201508-02724 201508-03000 201508-03069 201508-03119 201508-03243

Shoot by Springfield Photography, 8/8/15.

_K3_1567 _K3_1597 _K3_1670  _K3_1749 _K3_1781

Shoot by Springfield Photography, 24/6/15.

_MG_2587 _MG_2592 _MG_2606 _K3_0069_K3_0047 _MG_2591 _MG_2601 _MG_2630

Shoot by Jason Marsh, 1/7/15, Civic Centre, Cardiff.

CS1  CS5

My submission to #MyVanityFairCover project. Taken by my gorgeous husband.


Studio shoot with Springfield Photography, 8/5/15.

_K3_8893 _K3_8987 _MG_2084 _MG_2104 _MG_2136 _MG_2153 _MG_2179 _MG_2204

Shoot by Jason Marsh, 22/4/15, Insole Court, Cardiff.

incourt2 incourt3

Gothic shoot by Jason Marsh, Llandaff Cathedral, 1/4/15.

llancath4 llancath12 llancath7 llancath10 llancath3 llancath13

llancath1 llancath2

Punk shoot by Jason Marsh, Cardiff Bay, 22/3/15. I got sick of being a lady for once…


From my second shoot with Jason Marsh, taken at Mermaid Quay in Cardiff Bay (16/2/15).

PQWebsize4 PQWebsize3 PQWebsize2 PQWebsize1

Pictures from my first model shoot, taken by Jason Marsh in Cardiff Bay (8/2/15). Initially scary, but well worth it.


My first full solo make-up, following first social event where I went completely as myself (and a scary trip through town completely made-up, hence why I look so happy to be home…) 18/1/15



4 thoughts on “Modelling Portfolio

    • I can see that, looking at the images in the link. Nick Sheppard’s photos certainly have that very classic Edwardian look to them, which I am sure he will love to know. 🙂 Thank you for the love, and I will always be a bit of a Goth at heart. 😉 xxx


  1. Dr Burns, Really interesting photos from vampire goth to steampunk to pre-Raphaelite to the very model of Virginia Woolf.
    PS the red and multicoloured coat in Steampunk / Victorian shoot by Nik Sheppard, 28/8/15.

    Where did you get it from ?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you. 🙂 All comparisons to the great Virginia Woolf gratefully received … ❤
      The coat was a Punk Rave coat, but only red and black – the multicolour you can see in that shot is just a long scarf.


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