Modelling Portfolio

Shoot by Dark Venice, July 2018.

Shoot by John Waring, April 2018.

Shoot by Sugarbox Studios, March 2018.

Shoot by Dark Side Photography, January 2018.

Shoot by Springfield Photography, October 2016.

Studio shoot, 12/7/16, Mark Cleghorn Photography.

Home shot 19/6/16, taken by my handsome hubby Cal (hence the genuine smile).


Steampunk / Victorian shoot by Nik Sheppard, 28/8/15.

201508-02668 201508-02724 201508-03000 201508-03069 201508-03119 201508-03243

Shoot by Springfield Photography, 8/8/15.

_K3_1567 _K3_1597 _K3_1670  _K3_1749 _K3_1781

Shoot by Springfield Photography, 24/6/15.

_MG_2587 _MG_2592 _MG_2606 _K3_0069_K3_0047 _MG_2591 _MG_2601 _MG_2630

Shoot by Jason Marsh, 1/7/15, Civic Centre, Cardiff.

CS1  CS5

My submission to #MyVanityFairCover project. Taken by my gorgeous husband.


Studio shoot with Springfield Photography, 8/5/15.

_K3_8893 _K3_8987 _MG_2084 _MG_2104 _MG_2136 _MG_2153 _MG_2179 _MG_2204

Shoot by Jason Marsh, 22/4/15, Insole Court, Cardiff.

incourt2 incourt3

Gothic shoot by Jason Marsh, Llandaff Cathedral, 1/4/15.

llancath4 llancath12 llancath7 llancath10 llancath3 llancath13

llancath1 llancath2

Punk shoot by Jason Marsh, Cardiff Bay, 22/3/15. I got sick of being a lady for once…


From my second shoot with Jason Marsh, taken at Mermaid Quay in Cardiff Bay (16/2/15).

PQWebsize4 PQWebsize3 PQWebsize2 PQWebsize1

Pictures from my first model shoot, taken by Jason Marsh in Cardiff Bay (8/2/15). Initially scary, but well worth it.


My first full solo make-up, following first social event where I went completely as myself (and a scary trip through town completely made-up, hence why I look so happy to be home…) 18/1/15



4 thoughts on “Modelling Portfolio

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    1. I can see that, looking at the images in the link. Nick Sheppard’s photos certainly have that very classic Edwardian look to them, which I am sure he will love to know. 🙂 Thank you for the love, and I will always be a bit of a Goth at heart. 😉 xxx


  1. Dr Burns, Really interesting photos from vampire goth to steampunk to pre-Raphaelite to the very model of Virginia Woolf.
    PS the red and multicoloured coat in Steampunk / Victorian shoot by Nik Sheppard, 28/8/15.

    Where did you get it from ?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. 🙂 All comparisons to the great Virginia Woolf gratefully received … ❤
      The coat was a Punk Rave coat, but only red and black – the multicolour you can see in that shot is just a long scarf.


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