Love for the Freak

Today commenced on what is fairly described as a low-key note, as in sifting through my spam on Facebook I came across the following stream of messages received over the last few months from a stranger... 15 June 11:39 omg your a fucking freak Anthony burns..your poor poor wife *****...well she looks like a bloke... Continue Reading →

A Very Feminine Flood…

Today we returned from visiting our family in France again, and just to give some idea of the degree of effort my in-laws are putting into coming to terms with their unexpected acquisition of a trans-daughter-in-law, I will give a quick inventory of the presents I have had from them over the last two visits...... Continue Reading →

Death of a Failed Man

Please excuse the awful literary pun, but I really need to make light of this one. I have not posted any updates for awhile on the "Imago" 8mm film project that I am shooting with Jason Marsh, but it is still going ahead. At present, it is looking like it will evolve into more of... Continue Reading →

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