Stark Staring Sane

Another huge sigh of relief breathed today, as my preliminary mental assessment is now out of the way, and initial results are looking promising. Having woken up early, dressed smartly, made myself up, and stressing myself out something silly, I made my way down to the local mental health centre in the company of a... Continue Reading →

Beneath Contempt

I am now about two months into my “herbal hormone” / phytoestrogen regime, which I began as prescription grade hormones are unavailable on the NHS until I have been referred to the Gender Identity Clinic, and are also very dangerous to self-medicate with. Not that the herbals are wildly safe, though they are much milder... Continue Reading →

The Lousy Actress Strikes Again…

Today, "Anthony Burns" failed his last ever job interview. "He" went to it in full sharp-suited masculine persona, essentially pulling a cruel deception on the interviewers as they would have very soon discovered whom they had really hired (It was an internal vacancy, and my union rep will shortly be outing me to management as... Continue Reading →

Down and Out in the Deep South

Having expected a beyond-awkward reception at my parents' place, and having been in fact overwhelmed at the effort they both made to recognise and respect my new name and gender, I settle back into the Deep South (Cardiff) with a sense of regret and wistful longing. The Shetland Islands may be distant from any gender... Continue Reading →

The Distant Dawn

it is always darkest before the dawn... but the dawn of life never recurs, so don't rely on that logic unless you are an ardent reincarnationist. This post will be pretty dark, just to warn those who come here for inspiration. Today, I find myself more in need of it than capable of offering any.... Continue Reading →

Silver Cloud

Having neglected to post anything yesterday owing to the lack of any newsworthy developments, suddenly it all hits in in one fell swoop... First of all, I log on to Facebook today and receive a message from my sister in India: a message in which I am pointedly addressed as "sis". This leads to a... Continue Reading →

Eleanor the Insufferable

I have indeed finally chosen my legendary heroine name, in recognition of the fact that I can barely shut up about my "condition" these days for five minutes at a time, and people are getting heartily sick of it. My actual coming out made no splash whatsoever, but my refusal to change the bloody record... Continue Reading →

First LGBT Social: A Liberating Feeling

Today, after several recommendations and much screwing my courage to the sticking-post, I finally attended my first ever LGBT social event: a coffee morning in Barry (of "Gavin and Stacey" fame), organised by Race Equality First. Evidently, they deal with all manner of hate crimes, not just race-related. Not knowing the lay of the land,... Continue Reading →

Bad Example – Part Two

Hopefully we will progress beyond this trope before long, but today has furnished a fairly glaring example: namely my first shipment of herbal "phytoestrogenic" supplements... For anyone who has yet to hear of these, they are over-the-counter alternatives to traditional hormone therapy, based on various plants that contain chemicals analogous to estrogen, only weaker. Their... Continue Reading →

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