Shot by the Dark Side

I thought I'd given up modelling, but thanks to a few bigoted a**holes who felt the need to resurface my body image insecurites (possibly to alleviate their own sense of stupidity at having been lured into voting for Brexit) I got the urge to put out some feelers for another shoot. Modelling has always helped... Continue Reading →

Pygmalion Syndrome

“Perhaps the most fundamental aspect of a person’s identity, gender deeply influences every part of one’s life. In a society where this crucial aspect of self has been so narrowly defined and rigidly enforced, individuals who exists outside its norms face innumerable challenges. Even those who vary only slightly from the norm can become targets... Continue Reading →

Gloomy Monday

It's Monday morning, the skies are grey, rain is hammering down on our dirty little attic skylight, and now seems as good a time as any to express my inner demons... I have learned a lot about my condition since I set up on Facebook anew as Eleanor and started connecting with transgender groups. One... Continue Reading →

Electric Needle Room…

…as Homer Simpson once screamed in abject horror, though in his case it was in reference to a particularly nasty form of leprosy treatment. In my case, I merely refer to the unique torture of facial electrolysis to which I finally subjected myself today. It is the only sure-fire permanent method of hair removal, though... Continue Reading →

“Imago” – Part 1 (I hope…)

"imago n. [...] final and perfect stage of insect after all metamorphoses, e.g. butterfly; (Psych.) idealized mental picture of oneself or another person [...]." The Concise Oxford Dictionary (Clarendon Press, 1982) (Eleanor, in larval form...) Did I mention I once used to be a male model? This is obviously in a very loose sense of... Continue Reading →

First LGBT Social: A Liberating Feeling

Today, after several recommendations and much screwing my courage to the sticking-post, I finally attended my first ever LGBT social event: a coffee morning in Barry (of "Gavin and Stacey" fame), organised by Race Equality First. Evidently, they deal with all manner of hate crimes, not just race-related. Not knowing the lay of the land,... Continue Reading →

Things To Love…

Having a poor sense of body image is par for the course with gender dysphoria. Having decided to embark on this course, one of my first necessary actions was to shave: I grew a beard years ago, around the age of nineteen, and have seen little of my face without it since the time when... Continue Reading →

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