Stark Staring Sane

Another huge sigh of relief breathed today, as my preliminary mental assessment is now out of the way, and initial results are looking promising. Having woken up early, dressed smartly, made myself up, and stressing myself out something silly, I made my way down to the local mental health centre in the company of a... Continue Reading →

Pink Slip

After weeks of fretting, sweating, and imagining pink slips (and not of the kind as above, nice though it would be to be able to rock one convincingly...), I am finally completely out to all of the managers at my workplace. Every one of them was respectful and sympathetic, so again I have no juicy... Continue Reading →

Beneath Contempt

I am now about two months into my “herbal hormone” / phytoestrogen regime, which I began as prescription grade hormones are unavailable on the NHS until I have been referred to the Gender Identity Clinic, and are also very dangerous to self-medicate with. Not that the herbals are wildly safe, though they are much milder... Continue Reading →

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