It took its time, but it had to crop up eventually... ...though I am never quite sure if "phobia" is a fair description. He certainly did not strike me as consciously afraid, and even seemed on some level to enjoy the encounter, or at least rather more than I did. "Phobia" does seem like clumsy... Continue Reading →

The Joy of Imbalance

I have alluded to my religious leanings a few times, insofar as I have any. I had no religious upbringing, for which I am grateful: dogmatic upbringings and happy outcomes with parents on LGBT issues tend not to go together well... Nonetheless, I was drawn to the figure of Christ at university, after encountering a... Continue Reading →

Visit to the GP…

The dreaded moment finally arrived yesterday morning… Following an early start and a walk in the freezing cold along Bute Street, my spouse and I arrived at our new GP practice in order to be early in the queue for the walk-in surgery. We were indeed early… which meant only an hour and a half... Continue Reading →

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