A Year of Existence

It was on the 8th of January 2015 that I began this blog, following the advice of my friend Jason, with no very clear idea but plenty of trepidation as to what might come out of it. Now seems as good a time as any to take stock of what I have learned and gained...... Continue Reading →


It took its time, but it had to crop up eventually... ...though I am never quite sure if "phobia" is a fair description. He certainly did not strike me as consciously afraid, and even seemed on some level to enjoy the encounter, or at least rather more than I did. "Phobia" does seem like clumsy... Continue Reading →

Pride, but no Prejudice

Like you haven't heard that one before... There are Pride events in Cardiff (AKA Mardi Gras) every year, though my previous attendance at them has been limited to drifting about aimlessly and wistfully, observing other trans people and wondering what might have been if I had only dared to be as honest with myself as... Continue Reading →

Prodigal Daughter?

In last week's news, another old cliché took a battering... The perception of religion in general and Christianity in particular as being not-overly-friendly towards LGBT+ people is pretty well worn, and this blog has done its share of the wearing. One can thus imagine my surprise when I attended a mindfulness and meditation session at... Continue Reading →

A Belated Elegy

Originally posted on a separate blog (now deleted), imported here with emendations. Self-portrait of Leelah Alcorn; transgender advocate, artist, and writer; 1997-2014. Thy extreme hope, the loveliest and the last, The bloom, whose petals nipped before they blew Died on the promise of the fruit, is waste; The broken lily lies - the storm is... Continue Reading →

A Unique Privilege

I have, on a few occasions now, admitted to pangs of conscience regarding my transition. In the wake of Caitlyn Jenner's "Vanity Fair" appearance, which even a trans ally has pointed out could be interpreted as a troubling reification of "cisnormative beauty standards" rather than a celebration of pure self-expression (from Translucidity blog), I find... Continue Reading →

The Joy of Imbalance

I have alluded to my religious leanings a few times, insofar as I have any. I had no religious upbringing, for which I am grateful: dogmatic upbringings and happy outcomes with parents on LGBT issues tend not to go together well... Nonetheless, I was drawn to the figure of Christ at university, after encountering a... Continue Reading →

Visit to the GP…

The dreaded moment finally arrived yesterday morning… Following an early start and a walk in the freezing cold along Bute Street, my spouse and I arrived at our new GP practice in order to be early in the queue for the walk-in surgery. We were indeed early… which meant only an hour and a half... Continue Reading →

In the Tunnel, Needing Hugs…

Ok... Yesterday's optimism and philosophical attitude seems to have packed up and left, and I am currently just doing my best not to catch my reflection, as the sight of it disgusts me. There will always be days like this with gender dysphoria, and all political correctness aside, I have no problems with calling it... Continue Reading →

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