The Evil Genius of Max Planck, and a Last Word on Transpolitics

I am now four sessions into my IPL (intense pulsed light) therapy, and have discovered that quantum theory is true beyond a doubt. At any rate, the photons that have been punching me repeatedly in the face seem to have had a fair bit of mass behind them, or is it just my expectation of... Continue Reading →

Pink Slip

After weeks of fretting, sweating, and imagining pink slips (and not of the kind as above, nice though it would be to be able to rock one convincingly...), I am finally completely out to all of the managers at my workplace. Every one of them was respectful and sympathetic, so again I have no juicy... Continue Reading →

Pirate Queen

This is becoming a terribly familiar trope, but my acceptance continues at a remarkable pace. Having been certain that my transgenderism would spell the end of both my social life and my modelling, and possibly a lot more besides, both have so far blossomed. Here are some images from my last shoot (16/2/15), which worked... Continue Reading →

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