Surgery Date

Not much to say really but the self-evident: I have been set a surgery date at the bizarrely early-seeming time of April 11, and will be coming off my hormones in only a week from now (Not especially looking forward to that, but needs must). This will be a manic month, but by June everything... Continue Reading →


Last week, not expecting to hear anything so early, I received a letter from Charing Cross Hospital with the details of my first outpatient appointment with them on the 20th of February. Annoyingly, that is the day of a dance class, so I stand a fair chance of missing it (and even if I don't,... Continue Reading →

GIC – First Assessment

Apologies for the delay, but things haven't stopped moving since I returned from London last Friday. As for the reason I was there at all... well, it certainly took a long time (albeit 11 months rather than the dreaded 13) and there were plenty of times I dreaded it wouldn't happen at all, or would... Continue Reading →

Little Miss Morbid

Owing to the recent extreme quietness of news on the transition front, which tends to test the morale, I dug out an old vampire novel Wolves of Dacia (nothing to do with cars) that I wrote around 2008, hoping to keep myself busy for awhile with editing and maybe see if I could make something... Continue Reading →

In the Tunnel, Needing Hugs…

Ok... Yesterday's optimism and philosophical attitude seems to have packed up and left, and I am currently just doing my best not to catch my reflection, as the sight of it disgusts me. There will always be days like this with gender dysphoria, and all political correctness aside, I have no problems with calling it... Continue Reading →

Magic Buttons

So, I have registered at last with a new GP, and will hopefully be able to arrange an appointment next week. I’ve no idea what the outcome of that will be, but resolved to work with them in whatever we decide will be my best interests. In the meantime, I have various LGBT social gatherings... Continue Reading →

First LGBT Social: A Liberating Feeling

Today, after several recommendations and much screwing my courage to the sticking-post, I finally attended my first ever LGBT social event: a coffee morning in Barry (of "Gavin and Stacey" fame), organised by Race Equality First. Evidently, they deal with all manner of hate crimes, not just race-related. Not knowing the lay of the land,... Continue Reading →

Uncertain Entity

Today I finally contacted the local NHS branch to ask if they could put me in touch with any transgender-friendly GPs, or preferably one who had some experience in the field. The bad news is that they were unable to find any (at least with experience), but I was very impressed how quickly they responded... Continue Reading →

Bad Example – Part Two

Hopefully we will progress beyond this trope before long, but today has furnished a fairly glaring example: namely my first shipment of herbal "phytoestrogenic" supplements... For anyone who has yet to hear of these, they are over-the-counter alternatives to traditional hormone therapy, based on various plants that contain chemicals analogous to estrogen, only weaker. Their... Continue Reading →

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