“A strength badly exerted” – Rousseau, Radicalism, and Repression in the Works of P. B. Shelley

Something a little unusual for this blog - This is an academic article I wrote back in late 2013, revised in 2015, then forgot about after the e-journal it was intended for vanished off the face of the interwebs never to resurface. Since I absolutely cannot be bothered with the rigmarole of trying to find... Continue Reading →

Stark Staring Sane

Another huge sigh of relief breathed today, as my preliminary mental assessment is now out of the way, and initial results are looking promising. Having woken up early, dressed smartly, made myself up, and stressing myself out something silly, I made my way down to the local mental health centre in the company of a... Continue Reading →

The Joy of Imbalance

I have alluded to my religious leanings a few times, insofar as I have any. I had no religious upbringing, for which I am grateful: dogmatic upbringings and happy outcomes with parents on LGBT issues tend not to go together well... Nonetheless, I was drawn to the figure of Christ at university, after encountering a... Continue Reading →

Doctor Who?

Dr. Eleanor Burns, for anyone who is wondering, is thirty-five as of 9/1/15, lives in Cardiff, and although unemployed in her field, is an English Literature academic. I took my doctorate in the poet P B Shelley (1792-1822), having encountered the book "Shelley's Mirrors of Love" (Bonca, Teddi Cichester; SUNY Press; 1998) which posited the... Continue Reading →

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