Fighting Back

Cal returned from the GIC last Tuesday, and the news was all good: like me, he has been granted a second appointment in February, at which point all going well he will be approved for HRT. The clinician seemed absolutely charmed with him (only naturally), and they had a good conversation. The fact that we... Continue Reading →

GIC – First Assessment

Apologies for the delay, but things haven't stopped moving since I returned from London last Friday. As for the reason I was there at all... well, it certainly took a long time (albeit 11 months rather than the dreaded 13) and there were plenty of times I dreaded it wouldn't happen at all, or would... Continue Reading →


"Let us be clear: there is no such thing as “sex-reassignment” surgery. A mutilated male pumped full of estrogen remains just that—a mutilated male pumped full of estrogen. He has not “transitioned” into being a woman. He can never be a woman." (Margaret A. Hagen, Transgenderism Has No Basis in Science or Law) "At the... Continue Reading →

Little Miss Morbid

Owing to the recent extreme quietness of news on the transition front, which tends to test the morale, I dug out an old vampire novel Wolves of Dacia (nothing to do with cars) that I wrote around 2008, hoping to keep myself busy for awhile with editing and maybe see if I could make something... Continue Reading →

Official Entity

Well it's only a small victory, but I had to resist the urge not to go SQUEEEEEE!!! quite loudly when something dropped through the post today. Especially as I examined all of the small print... No doubt some will be horrified at the apparent ease with which one can earn that little "F" in this... Continue Reading →

Carpe Diem

Sands fall slow, yet gone Before you know. Take the rest To be who you are. (Images, as ever, by the wonderful Jason Marsh)

Letting the Side Down

[Previous post redacted, due to having become stupidly redundant...] Originally on this blog, I posted some questions to the deep ecology group Deep Green Resistance, just in case tags and keywords actually work and they felt like dropping by... which, unamazingly, they didn't. I have since followed the rational, nay obvious course and just taken... Continue Reading →

Beige Utopia

A while back (and in this post) I confessed to an anxiety that my desire to become, in some measure, a "lady" meant that my gender dysphoria had a morbid and regressive side to it: a desire to enact an outmoded, antifeminist gender model... which immediately drew some fire from the Radical Feminist trenches. Though... Continue Reading →

Feel lucky, punk?

Just a quick visual post for today, as I have now received and resized the photos from my latest shoot with Jason Marsh. I love this photographer more than any I have ever worked with for various reasons... 1. He only works with vintage cameras and film - none of that boring DSLR stuff -... Continue Reading →

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