Day of Reblogs – Part 1 – “How It Is To Be Miss Tobi?”

In personal news... nothing much. Such, alas, is the way of transition on the NHS, and both Cal and I are just seeking to make the best use of the wait. I have resumed weekly sessions of electrolysis, and can scarcely remember a time that my face did not look red and swollen. Cal has... Continue Reading →

Love for the Freak

Today commenced on what is fairly described as a low-key note, as in sifting through my spam on Facebook I came across the following stream of messages received over the last few months from a stranger... 15 June 11:39 omg your a fucking freak Anthony burns..your poor poor wife *****...well she looks like a bloke... Continue Reading →

Strange Epiphany

...and just like that, I have remembered the how, the where, and the approximate when of the time and place that I first realised what I was. I must have been about eleven, or certainly no older than my early teens. Prior to then there had been awareness, confusion, and anxiety that "boyishness" was not... Continue Reading →

Reblog: Giving birth, being adopted, becoming a “transphobe,” hating reality TV, and generally entertaining revelations against my will

What a year it's been. If you'd said the syllable "turf" to me last September, I'd have only envisaged large squares of grass. Being married to Cal, himself a non-binary transman, I was vaguely aware of the concept that transgenderism involved a spectrum of identities, not all of whom wanted to fully transition, but I... Continue Reading →

(My my my) Dear Lila…

Awful joke, I know, but I have to play up my Welshness from time to time. Rarely have I suffered a bout of post-post remorse so quickly, but thanks to the feedback I have received - some of it truly educative, some of it merely depressing, and all of it in the comments thread below... Continue Reading →

Official Entity

Well it's only a small victory, but I had to resist the urge not to go SQUEEEEEE!!! quite loudly when something dropped through the post today. Especially as I examined all of the small print... No doubt some will be horrified at the apparent ease with which one can earn that little "F" in this... Continue Reading →

Pride, but no Prejudice

Like you haven't heard that one before... There are Pride events in Cardiff (AKA Mardi Gras) every year, though my previous attendance at them has been limited to drifting about aimlessly and wistfully, observing other trans people and wondering what might have been if I had only dared to be as honest with myself as... Continue Reading →

Her Majesty’s Sadistic Pleasure

The latest family news from France has been encouraging: nearly all of the family now know of our mutual decision to transition, and are supportive. This means I can at last announce that Cal and I are accepted by both of our families, which is no small thing both in terms of contributing to a... Continue Reading →

A Very Feminine Flood…

Today we returned from visiting our family in France again, and just to give some idea of the degree of effort my in-laws are putting into coming to terms with their unexpected acquisition of a trans-daughter-in-law, I will give a quick inventory of the presents I have had from them over the last two visits...... Continue Reading →

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