Strange Epiphany

...and just like that, I have remembered the how, the where, and the approximate when of the time and place that I first realised what I was. I must have been about eleven, or certainly no older than my early teens. Prior to then there had been awareness, confusion, and anxiety that "boyishness" was not... Continue Reading →

Official Entity

Well it's only a small victory, but I had to resist the urge not to go SQUEEEEEE!!! quite loudly when something dropped through the post today. Especially as I examined all of the small print... No doubt some will be horrified at the apparent ease with which one can earn that little "F" in this... Continue Reading →

A Very Feminine Flood…

Today we returned from visiting our family in France again, and just to give some idea of the degree of effort my in-laws are putting into coming to terms with their unexpected acquisition of a trans-daughter-in-law, I will give a quick inventory of the presents I have had from them over the last two visits...... Continue Reading →

Prodigal Daughter?

In last week's news, another old cliché took a battering... The perception of religion in general and Christianity in particular as being not-overly-friendly towards LGBT+ people is pretty well worn, and this blog has done its share of the wearing. One can thus imagine my surprise when I attended a mindfulness and meditation session at... Continue Reading →

Happy Mutant

Irony can sometimes be a force for good... My last post went on at length about the apathetic response I had enjoyed from the medical profession since my mental assessment was completed, even though the assessment itself was unequivocal. That is to say, although they cannot actually diagnose me with gender dypshoria prior to the... Continue Reading →

The Long Sweat

It has been awhile since I posted any sort of actual update here, largely because I do hate reporting non-news... However, it has been so long that I might as well take stock at ths point and ask how far things have come in four(ish) months. Modelling is going well. Having built a portfolio from... Continue Reading →

Letting the Side Down

[Previous post redacted, due to having become stupidly redundant...] Originally on this blog, I posted some questions to the deep ecology group Deep Green Resistance, just in case tags and keywords actually work and they felt like dropping by... which, unamazingly, they didn't. I have since followed the rational, nay obvious course and just taken... Continue Reading →

Beige Utopia

A while back (and in this post) I confessed to an anxiety that my desire to become, in some measure, a "lady" meant that my gender dysphoria had a morbid and regressive side to it: a desire to enact an outmoded, antifeminist gender model... which immediately drew some fire from the Radical Feminist trenches. Though... Continue Reading →

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