Tarot Readings


(Photo by Decima Watkins, from a group modelling shoot in a Cardiff rock club. Needless to say, this is not a strictly accurate reflection of how I conduct my readings, but having a human sacrifice would have stretched the club’s insurance to the limits …)

I began reading the Tarot in 2017 – the first step in a continuing journey of spiritual self-discovery – and quickly fell in love with it. The deck I use is the Witches Tarot by Ellen Dugan and Mark Evans, based on the traditional Smith-Waite deck but with a distinctive and beautiful Wicca-influenced aesthetic which instantly appealed to me. The Tarot is easily my favourite method of divination, having an elegance, a sense of narrative, distinctive characters, and a rich thematic structure that speaks so much to the author in me.

Although I certainly prefer to work face-to-face, since not everyone lives in Cardiff and I get about all too rarely, I am very happy to take requests for readings by e-mail or via the contact form. Just think of the question or issue you would like guidance on (though do not tell me), and tell me what type of reading you would prefer. Having done the reading, I will send an image of the cards I draw along with my interpretation of them.

My preferred type of reading is the seven-card spread, with the cards signifying …

  1. The past (what brought you to this situation).
  2. The Present.
  3. The near future.
  4. Advice on what action to take.
  5. Other people and / or external influences involved.
  6. Obstacles and fears.
  7. Long-term outcome.

However, for those who prefer more succinct answers, there is the three-card spread (past,present, future), and the very succinct one-card spread (An instant answer).

I work on donation basis (whatever amount you feel appropriate), although that is strictly optional, and I would always happily read for someone who cannot afford to donate.