Come to the Cabaret …

… except you can’t, alas, as we danced it last night, but here’s a nice group shot to give some idea of the wonderfully manic atmosphere:


(That’s me at far left, failing to fling my scarf any great distance, though not for want of enthusiasm. Just rubbish arm action.)

So, my first performance is finally done and danced, and it was by no means the mess I once dreaded it would be. It was not perfect – I confused the order of a couple of steps, and I fear my Charleston still looks so robotic I could give the “Metropolis” gynoid a run for her money as far as Roaring Twenties cabaret dancing automata go (though actually, that could be a concept for a solo routine in the making …) – but I got through the routine mostly in step, didn’t collide with anyone, managed to perform the mini-striptease without any unintentional wardrobe malfunctions (dress rehearsal was another matter … no doubt one of many reasons why we have them), and I had a fantastic time. 🙂


(Could I make this costume … or take it off in any semblance of rhythm? Maybe not my best ever inspiration …)

For anyone actually in Cardiff or the vicinity reading this blog, I cannot recommend Cardiff Cabaret Club highly enough. These last ten weeks of lessons, rehearsals, and performance have been a thrill, have been amazing for my confidence, and have introduced me to one of the warmest and most supportive crowds I’ve ever been lucky enough to be welcomed into. On a faintly political note, they have also laid to rest in my mind, at least, a pernicious myth I used to hear all the time from trans-critical / trans-exclusionary radfems, that nobody really accepts non-passing trans women – they only pretend to for the fear of political incorrectness – and that we really incite discomfort and derision in every right-thinking human being (and in cis women especially). Having only encountered warmth, support, and trust during this period – probably one of my most daring social leaps of faith to date – I can now see this for the paranoid nonsense that it is. Someone evidently felt lonely in their own prejudice and wished to spread the malaise …

Alas, all good things come to an end, and since I will imminently be entering hospital, for an operation that will leave me physically drained for some time (up to ten weeks), I am certain of missing the summer term. It will be a melancholy separation after all this joyously decadent madness, though a worthwhile sacrifice considering the purpose … and when that is over and done with and I am even more comfortable in my body than I will have ever been before, hopefully I can come back to the Autumn classes, overcome my rustiness, polish my techniques, and maybe even find myself doing solo routines in the future. I wouldn’t put it past me. 😉

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  1. Yay you!! You guys look fabulous 🙂
    So glad you had a great time… and I am sure it’s only the first of many to come!!

    Hey!! Did I just read that it was your birthday today?? Have I?

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      1. LOL… Eleanor…. First please forgive my crazy brain! Just how many times have I made references to Australia while talking to you?? I read you “‘about” page, when Nikki threw the Meet & Greet party, but for some reason, my brain decided you lived in Australia… LOOOOOL

        Again, I am sorry! (it clicked when I read 2am… I thought “well I know my time zones, and that doesn’t add up” LOL)

        Happy happy birthday, dear Lady 🙂 *Hugs and Kisses!!*

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  2. Sounds great, and looks like you all had a great time. Good for you! That idea about metal cuisses and greaves on the legs and arms and torso might be very cool for a routine–articulated pieces that do not cover the joints or waist…hmm. Might be great.

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  3. So after reading through the comments….you’re a Pisces too!! Just adds to the list of reasons I have felt so connected to you from the start. ❤ Happy Birthday fishy sister!
    I LOVE the picture. It screams joy. The itty bitty bit of you that I can see is radiating happiness.
    I could never in a million years be so brave. You are a rockstar! 🙂 ❤

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    1. Love and blessings, fellow mermaid. 🙂 xxx It was an amazing evening, and the atmosphere was of pure joy and goodwill. I can’t wait to get back into it as soon as health allows. Really, it’s just the sort of thing I dreamed of when I started this journey: total acceptance, self-love, and self-expression without fear or judgement.


  4. I had to double check the picture, my sister has joined a burlesque group in Cardiff and performed the other night, but I think she’s in a different group. I’ve heard the performances are a lot of fun and we’ll received by the audience. It’s increased her confidence, I hope it has done the same for you. Best of luck with your surgery and recovery. 💙

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    1. Perhaps it could be the same group but a different class. There were two beginners’ classes, one advanced class, and a chair dance class. Sounds as if she and I have had much the same experience of it. 🙂 I absolutely cannot wait to get back to it as soon as I am fighting fit again. xxx

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