Pirate Queen

This is becoming a terribly familiar trope, but my acceptance continues at a remarkable pace. Having been certain that my transgenderism would spell the end of both my social life and my modelling, and possibly a lot more besides, both have so far blossomed. Here are some images from my last shoot (16/2/15), which worked out with a somewhat maritime air…

PQWebsize2 PQWebsize4 PQWebsize3 PQWebsize1

All images by Jason Marsh.

I had hoped when I started this blog that I would be able to offer an ongoing perspective on the highs and lows of transitioning, but so far the lows have not been much in evidence. This is probably a good occasion to be careful for what one wishes… All I have had to endure so far has been occasional misgendering, and usually in understandable circumstances, such as when I have been making no obvious efforts to “pass”.

Of course, it would be nice not to have to make an effort at all, hence why I have planned to receive regular sessions of IPL and electrolysis over the next few months to exterminate as much of my facial hair as quickly as possible. Apparently, I have the right contrast between dark hair and pale skin for IPL to be effective on me, and judging from the pain of the patch test I received, and the smell of smouldering hair left lingering in the salon air, it definitely damaged something… I return on Tuesday to get the whole of my face similarly phasered. What fun.

To coin a phrase, you like pain? Try wearing a corset… or permanent hair removal. I can but hope I will have no need for either by the end of the year.


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